"I enjoy environments that thrive with a learning experience, I’ve always had a passion for brands in just how confident it made me feel to be a representative of the brand values and mission. Brands have always been more than just a logo or outstanding marketing , to me, it all revolved around how you make people feel once they have experienced it."


 In 2014 I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with AAS in Fashion Merchandising Management.Three years later in 2017, I graduated again from the University of the District of Columbia with BS in Marketing. Since 15 years old I have worked in the fashion industry for over 7 years of retail operational experience in various markets including mass retail stores and luxury shops. 

"I am more than my accomplishments, I aspire to be the Starving Artist solution to launching a profitable brand online through social media planning, execution, and analyzation"

As lifestyle connoisseur and creative marketing mastermind I love partnering with creatives on developing marketing strategies and systems that retain prospects and identify leads through content creation and management.I've worked with local fashion boutiques on event marketing campaigns, social media management for lifestyle brands, and brand strategy for creative entreprenuers.  

"As a sales professional and curator, I have developed social media techniques that influence management to create an online image that truly represents their true values through social media management"

When I am not reading up on new business trends or recording videos for YouTube; I adore traveling to new cities, indulging in gourmet cuisine, and collaborate with creative individuals in the DC Metro community.

Keep up with me on social media @kellyhosang on all social media platforms

For more information contact kellyannhosang@gmail.com.