Building Your Fall Wardrobe : Apparel & Accessories Part 3

Well hello there fashionistas! I have been MIA for awhile due to midterms, thank fully they are over and we can continue to our regular schedule! Today I bring to you all the last part of my series how to accessorize all your staple fall items. Comment down below and let me know which is your favorite look and if you guys would like to see videos like this as well please let me know! Below are looks I put together based on the items I have provided you guys with in the previous weeks.


This outfit is great for those fall days that want to be summer so bad. Textured knit and leather joggers adds texture to the look as well. Having a bad hair day no problem just add a wool fedora to cover up that bird's nest !

This outfit is great for running errands and still remaining chic. the leather sole boots are comfortable to walk around in due to the chunky heel. When wearing this look you can easily add a graphic tee under the bomber or wear the bomber alone.I also paired this look with a faux fur clutch to add texture.

Lastly this outfit is cut and warm for date night. The shoulder strap bag allows your hands to be free to show off your statement jewelry. Most dates usually take place in a night setting so i paired this three quarter length midi dress as well.


That is all until next week fashionsitas ! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel TheStyleConnoisseurDiaires and follow me on Instagram @BrklynBrunette ! Remeber a woman should always be two things chic and classy  at all times.

xoxo Kelly

FashionKelly Ho-Sang