Happy New Year Fashionistas

I finally got back on the ball again and I'm ready to take on the new year ! My article and pictures are below


 Happy New Year Fashionistas !

 I first would like to apologize for my absence It has been such a while since I've blogged and I missed you all ! Life has gotten so crazy with finals, work, and the holidays . However I am back and in full effect ! This year I will do more blogging and actually commit to it ! I also have new visuals that I will be working on so make sure your following me on all my social media outlets to stay updated . Last but not least I would love to start giveaways ! Giveaways is one way I would like to show my gratitude to my you guys for your continuous support. Now with the new Year and New Plans and quotes reminding such as new year new me , new year new etc . It may all sound cliche but it's time to resolute and take control of our lives ! There are countless number of people who are just simply living . There's is seamlessly no way we were born to pay bills and use . Each and every one of our lives have purpose , it is dependent upon us to find out purpose within ourselves .i have personally decided that now is the best time to take charge of my life , I'm 19 young and ambitious and a whole lotta life ahead of me , could you ask for a better combination. One of my role models also one of the greatest female rappers has said,  "to live doesn't mean your alive" . Meaning you can be alive but not actually living the life you would like to live. A lot of you may know about a practice called manifestation manifestation is when taking an abstract idea and shaping that idea to your lifestyle. One way to do this is through visuals. Visuals help us to see the big picture and become imaginary and dream ! Wouldn't you too like to take a moment out of life to dream ? So I decided to make a vision board , a vision board is a collage of images of things you want in your life. I broke my vision board down into categories as you can see pictured below , so I can be specific as possible . It was important to me that I was specific as possible so that the exact things that I would like to accomplish are clear and attainable , similar to setting a goal . You too can create a vision board and begin to live the dream ! Stay tuned for next week column as we take a look on how to create your dream board and we will also take a look on how it has worked for others.


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