My Back to School Story !

Hey there fashionistas ! Sorry I have been MIA for a while I have been super busy with school , transitioning into a new environment and work as well . As I've told you guys before I transferred to a new college University of the District of Columbia . The entrance process was not the easiest I must admit , but well worth it ! So far I really love the school , the professors are very helpful and the school provides you with so many resources . Now the reason I transferred school was because my previous school didn't have my major which is Fashion Merchandising  , so while I was there I was stuck studying Business Administration . It wasn't too bad but after attending my fashion classes this week it truly makes a difference , from studying Business Admin. I really love my professor for my fashion classes , it's a two part course one half is called Fashion Fundamentals and the other is Principles of Clothing Construction aka Sewing class .  

bts1 (1).PNG

The class is so much fun we watch fashion shows and analyze them , research trends using creative services and so much more ! During the first week my class was assigned to do a collage about yourself . She was not very definite on criteria , just creative and professional . I came up with an idea to do a very basic out side with a extravagant inside . I was inspired by beyonce's opening statement during her VMA performance "MTV welcome to my life" . The process of this project helped me learn so much about myself , including my fashion knowledge . Overall I enjoyed creating this project , I just hope my classmates and professor appreciate  the effort  that I put into this project . I also wanted to share this because I hope it could tell you guys more about me  , through visuals . I am looking forward to class tomorrow to share my masterpiece . Hope you guys enjoyed your long weekend ! See ya next week , xoxo .

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