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Growing up I was a lot different than girls my age, while others loved to play dress up in garments that came from a pink and shiny Mattel box, I was playing dress up in real clothing like Children’s Place, Gap and even Daffy’s. My first love was not a boy, fairytale, or even jewelry it was fashion. Being a New York native it may be very cliché of me to say I love fashion, but it is very true I really do. As I grew older Style became a more defined part of fashion that I had profound appreciation and love for. I’ve always thought of styling as the art of fashion, it is where the garments truly come to life.

Fast-forward to the present, I’m a current college student working part time as an Administrative Assistant .I knew I had talent in styling but I was unsure how to grow my talents to where they would revolve around my life as they did in my childhood. Around this time I also was losing interest in my current part time job as an administrative assistant due to the lack of creativity. So I began searching for jobs in Visual Merchandising and Styling to see if I could not only find another job, but the start of my career. I went to several interviews in both Stylist and Visual Assistant positions, and they all went well, it turned out I was over qualified for most of them. Thanks to my mom I never got discouraged and just kept applying for jobs.

I took about a week off from work to go on vacation in Panama , while I was on vacation I picked up a new read titled #GirlBoss by Sophia Armuso , it inspired and encouraged me even more , but in a different aspect. #GirlBoss inspired me to keep my dreams alive , in my case even though I wasn’t landing a job as a Stylist for a Company didn’t mean I couldn’t do styling outside of my work hours.

Essentially I was enlightened and I could not wait to get home to but my business plans into action. Luckily, when I came back from vacation I was offered a full time position at my current job. Even though I was becoming disinterested in what I was doing more compensation plus benefits in my possession sounded good to me. I felt like it was confirmation from God telling me “I’ll take care of your bills, just focus on your purpose and great things will follow”.

And it was so true, I came up with a small execution plan, then I was offered an awesome opportunity to style blog as well. So here I am today writing for TMP Life as a Style Blogger, under my very own brand Style Connoisseur Diaries. It feels good to know that I’m in the right place in my life. I hope to inspire each one of you as others have inspired me!

Look forward to our journey together


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