How to Be Fashionably Appropriate Your Interview

Its the night before your interview , your room has a plethora of clothes spread all over the floor , and the only thing on your mind is what am I going to wear? Your stuck between dressing bland professional in your typical black slacks and a skirt or dressing super glamorous in a fur coat. No worries the Style Connoisseur Diaries are here to help, when dressing for an interview it is important to do both.


As you all may know style speaks volume and your style truly sets you apart from society, in this case it will set you apart from other competing candidates. Before you even decide on what to wear it is very important you conduct small research on the company to get a feel for their brand aesthetic. For this look I put together a simple skirt and a blouse, my outfit color palette is not loud at all and my skirt is also mid to knee length , and also notice how I kept it minimal with accessories just a necklace and watch . I tend to always wear a watch to my interviews because I feel as though it adds professionalism to the image I am portraying .

Lifestyle, FashionKelly Ho-Sang